High Phosphorous Electroless

ENchem-Metchem8623 High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel Plating (Extra thick plating)

The phosphorus content of the coating is uniformly distributed, non-magnetic and has passed long-term hydrochloric acid gas corrosion test, which can meet RoHs requirements or lead-free, cadmium-free, REACH SVHC limits.

Medium Phosphorous Electroless

ENchem-Metchem 6602 Bright Medium Phosphorus Electroless Nickel plating
ENchem-Metchem 6756WD Medium phosphorus bright Electroless Nickel
Plating meets RoHs requirements or lead-free , Cadmium-free, REACH SVHC limits, and offers a variety of options and applications from semi-bright to ultra-bright/ fast light.

Low Phosphorous Electroless

ENchem-Metchem 2654 Low phosphorus Electroless Nickel plating

The coating has high hardness, RoHs requirements or lead-free and cadmium-free requirements, solving the pinhole problem common to traditional low nickel phosphide.

Pre/post treatment agents

ENchem-MetchemSC301 Iron, aluminum alloy degreaser
ENchem-Metchem 500 aluminum alloy zinc replacement
ENchem-Metchem Post-dip 100 nickel post-sealer
From substrate rust prevention, degreasing cleaning, aluminum/copper activation to nickel sealing after sealing, ENchem chemical provide a full range of products and expertise.